At Fabrication Solutions, our team has experience ranging from simple part design to robotics and complex mechanisms, and our engineers are dedicated to designing your product to exacting standards, no matter how simple or challenging.

Using state of the art computer modeling software, we can turn your idea or product into an interactive 3-dimensional digital part that allows us to generate the data we need for costing, prototyping and manufacturing your product.  In addition, this model will provide you with visual and technical information about your product so you can make informed decisions relative to manufacturing cost, functionality and appearance all before prototyping or production has started.

At Fabrication Solutions, we recognize that minimizing manufacturing cost while optimizing part quality and performance is important to your success.  That is why our engineers use their manufacturing knowledge and experience to ensure your product is “Designed for Manufacturing”.  DFM is built into everything we do from product development to production.  In addition to working with you to develop products that can be manufactured in a consistent, repeatable manner with a focus on quality and cost,  we have helped countless clients drive cost from their existing products while maintaining or in some cases improving functionality or appearance.   

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