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Fabrication Solutions Welding

At Fabrication Solutions, we know that Speed, Precision, Discretion and Attention to Detail are the hallmarks of a great Strategic Partner. With over 75 years of combined experience, we have the corporate philosophy, expertise and machinery necessary to meet those needs and we do so every day. At every stage of the process we use the latest and best technologies in both machinery and software to insure the best product for you and your customers as quickly as your schedule requires. We work to make sure you get your product how you want, when you want, and for a price that provides you with a competitive advantage in the market place.

In the Machining Stage we can provide quality services for the Machining of Castings, Reaming, Milling & Turning. Just some of the equipment we are currently using consists of:

  • Turning:
       HAAS SL30 17” X 34”
       HAAS SL20 10” X 20”
       Mori Seiki 850G 17” x 32”
  • Vertical Milling:
       HAAS VF4SS 50”X 20” X 25”
       HASS TM2 40”X 16”X 16”
       Bridgeport 49” X 9” X 20”
  • Burr King M45 Vibratory Finisher
  • HYD-MECH S20A Saw

As we are continually adding and upgrading our equipment, feel free to call us about your needs and if we cannot meet them, we can refer you to one of our Strategic Partners who can. After all, as a Strategic Partner when you benefit, so do we.