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About Fabrication Solutions

Fabrication Solutions, LLC. was established to assist other manufacturing companies in meeting their customers' needs for better products in less time without greatly increasing the expense. Our owner and founder, Mike Owings Jr, found that by entering into Strategic Partnerships with his manufacturing customers, he could assist them in better meeting the needs of their customers and create a win-win solution from which everyone benefits. The Fabrication Solutions team has taken the best practices from companies that we have studied and created our company to be MORE than just a one-stop or turn-key shop.

At Fabrication Solutions we view it as our goal to enable our manufacturing customer to produce top quality products for their customers in a quick, efficient and profitable manner. We accomplish that by becoming an extension of their production working to help streamline their assembly processes and by reducing both their lead time and workloads, while still producing large quantities of quality products they or we can quickly ship to their customers.

We can assist companies with their products from the start to the finish. In the Design Stage we can assist with expertise in computer and physical design work (CAD/CAM, FeatureCAM, SolidWork 3D, and AutoCAD). In the Fabrication Stage we can provide services for Bending, Plate Rolling, Laser Cutting, Plate Shearing/Cutting, & Fit up & Welding (MIG & TIG). In the Manufacturing Stage we can provide services for Machining of Castings, Reaming, and Milling & Turning. In the Finishing Stage we can provide Sand Blasting, Galvanizing, Plating, Painting and Quality Assurance Testing (QA) services. In the Shipping Stage, attention to detail and minimizing delivered cost remains a focus.  Products are packaged in accordance with customers specifications for delivery.

Fabrication Solutions Design Stage Fabrication Solutions Fabrication Stage Fabrication Solutions Manufacturing Stage Fabrication Solutions Finishing Stage Fabrication Solutions Shipping Stage

With Fabrication Solutions you not only get a company to make a product for you, but with Mike Owings Jrs' philosophy, you get a Strategic Partner interested in helping you produce both a better product and a better profit. We have accomplished this by developing a policy of :

  • Paying attention to the details
  • Insuring on time deliveries to you or your customer
  • Using the most efficient means and technologies to perform our jobs
  • Listening to the needs of our partners
  • Developing a strong quality relationship based in part upon cooperation and performing as agreed

With Fabrication Solutions, stress on quality and efficiency extends to assisting our Partners in minimizing their administrative tasks, as well as ensuring that not only is discretion maintained at all times, but that implemented Quality Assurance Testing is performed to the level required either by the industry or the client (whichever is higher.)

We invite you to call us today, so we can sit down together or by phone and determine how we can best assist you in meeting your needs or solving your problems. We look forward to the challenge. We hope to help you impress your customers with your quality products and your prices. We are sure if we can help you do that, they or their friends will ask you to do additional work for them and as your Strategic Partner, you will have us help you yet again and thereby creating a Win-Win solution.